Higher Education Degree Programs in Norway

The educational institutions in Norway provide a high standard of education offering wide range of courses from vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level with contemporary and secure learning environment. The Norway higher education system is based on a model that offers standard academic education at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels, as well as professional education programs which are fixed programs of study conferring specific professional qualification. Higher education builds on the successful completion of three years of upper secondary school.

Following are the degree programs offered in Norway:

a. Diploma

A diploma is granted for successful completion of a course of study meant to provide students with a series of employment skill sets. Diploma programs in Norway teach the theory and practical skills.

Diploma Supplement
Together with the diploma, a Diploma Supplement is also issued. Diploma Supplement is an international document intended to explicate the structure of your education or qualification, to foreign educational institutions and employers.

b. The Hogskolekandidat Degree (University college candidate degree)

The "Hogskolekandidat" degree is received after two years of study. This degree may be built upon to hold a Bachelors degree. The degree is offered at some state university colleges and a few private institutions.

c. Undergraduate Degree

The Undergraduate degree involves a bachelor degree, generally of three years.

Bachelor’s Degree: The bachelor degree is the base university qualification. Bachelor degrees provide initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate study and involve a minimum of three years of full-time study. The national university colleges of the arts offer a Bachelor’s degree of four years’ duration.

d. Post Graduate Degree

Masters Degree: The purpose of Masters Degree is to qualify individuals who apply an advanced body of knowledge in a range of contexts for research and scholarship and as a pathway for further learning. It is designed to raise your professional skills or help you get a richer discernment of a specific area of knowledge.

Masters Degree (Research): consists of research and a thesis.

e. Professional Degree

Professional degrees are about four to six years’ duration and are awarded by all the state higher education institutions and a number of the private higher education institutions. They are spread over both regulated and non-regulated professions.

f. Doctoral Degree

The Doctoral Degree is the highest award offered by Norway universities. The Doctoral degree is awarded after three years of study following completion of Master’s degree or a professional degree. Doctoral programs are offered by all universities, some university colleges and fewer private institutions.

Doctoral degrees recognise a considerable original contribution to a given field in the form of new knowledge or the adaptation and interpretation of existing knowledge. It is for graduates who want to look into and contribute knowledge in a particular academic field. Doctoral Students have to study a full semester and write a dissertation that meets international standards within its subject area.

Research doctorate (PhD): These consist primarily of supervised research resulting in the completion of a dissertation.

Professional doctorate: These combine coursework and research for professionals wanting to advance their knowledge in their domain without the research commitment of a Ph.D.
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