Norwegian Language Proficiency tests in Norway-Higher Level

Test in Norwegian - Higher Level

A Norwegian language test applies to those whose native language is not Norwegian, but such evidence is pertinent for admission to Higher Education Institutions in Norway.

In Norway, there are four Norwegian language assessment tests: Norwegian test 1, 2 and 3, and Test in Norwegian – advanced level.
  • Norwegian test 1, held at schools, is an interim test in Norwegian language and social studies at level A1. The test aims to provide students with the feedback on their progress during the course of the learning process. The test shows that the student has achieved the competency of level A1.
  • Norwegian test 2 and Norwegian test 3 are final course tests designed to evaluate the Norwegian language skills of level A2 and level B1. The tests are based on subjects covered by the course instruction. Both tests have a written part and an oral section, taken individually. The written part contains a listening test, a reading test and a writing test. The oral test is a test in spoken language ability.
  • Norwegian test 2 (A2-level) evaluates the understanding of figures of speech and vernacular aspects of daily life communicated in simple and clear language, Ability to read, write and understand extremely short, simple texts and the ability to exchange direct and simple information about personal topics and familiar themes.
  •  Norwegian test 3 (B-level) evaluates the ability to interpret the chief idea of information communicated in a clear and easy manner, and the ability to read, write and understand texts written in coherent language.
  • Test in Norwegian language – advanced level (Bergenstesten): The advanced level Norwegian language test ("Bergenstesten") is for individuals applying for admission to universities and colleges in Norway. This test is taken in Norway. Candidates can take the test outside Norway, provided that a Norwegian embassy, a consulate or a university with a senior lecturer in Norwegian is willing to administer the test. The test abroad is taken once, while in Norway it is held thrice. 

Test of Norwegian - Advanced Level (Bergenstesten)

The Bergenstesten (or Test of Norwegian as a second language) is a language test which tests the candidate's command of the Norwegian language. Norwegian test- advanced level is prepared and administered by Norsk spraktest, a joint initiative between the University of Bergen and Folkeuniversitetet. The test has two parts: written as well as oral part that are held independently on different dates. The test id held three times a year, in Bokmal and Nynorsk, with written or oral sessions. The test is individual and the time spent on it can therefore vary from person to person.
  • Written test: The written test is designed for international students who intend to apply for admittance at a Norwegian university or college, as considerably as for Norwegian citizens who have graduated from secondary schools abroad and for job applicants in Norway. The written test in mainly divided into two parts: Part 1 comprises of Section 1, 2 and 3 and Part 2 comprises of Section 4 and 5.

  •  Oral tests: The oral test has been designed primarily for healthcare workers and other outsiders who are asked to document their Norwegian speaking skills at advanced levels, when applying for studies or job in Norway.


Written test: The written test is consists of 5 parts:
  • Reading Comprehension: Three texts would be provided. The first one is missing words and you have to determine which is the missing word out of the three options you are given. The next two texts are articles, and based on these articles you need to answers few questions. The text is often descriptive, basically about historical events and traditions.
  •  Listening Comprehension: You will hear around 40 short dialogues or monologues and select a suggestion out of the three given that best answers the question.
  •  Restitution: In this part, you will hear an interview of a person about his work or his everyday life. You will be asked to produce a summary.
  •   Grammar, vocabulary and expressions:  This part consists of 20 questions that intend to check your vocabulary and grammar
  •   Written Production: In this part, you’re given a theme, mostly social or political, and based on the theme you need to write a 300 word text.
Oral tests: The test is held three times a year and is prepared independently of the written test. The oral test measures the candidate’s general oral language skills and their ability to communicate in Norwegian at a higher level. The tests consist of:
  •    Understanding: Ability to understand spoken language in a communication situation.
  •    Spoke production: Ability to describe, explain, and express an opinion on an issue with apt justification.
  •    Interaction and Discussion: Ability to communicate, respond and discuss with a conversation partner.
  •    Use of language functions: Ability to use language features such as: describe, explain, discuss, express and justify.
  •    Language skills: like pronunciation, grammatical structures, vocabulary, flow of content, fluency etc. is checked.

Results and Scoring

Written test: The written test is marked as “Pass”, “Fail” or “Happy”. “Passed” on each examination is equivalent to level B2, while “Happy pass” refers to level C1. The Overall result will depend on the five samples; you must pass at least three of the five samples. The restitution and written production parts are not corrected against an answer sheet but according to a list of criteria. To pass with congratulations, you will have to score over 75%. Receiving three congratulations out of five will obtain you the diploma with the mention “very good”, or "High Pass". A certification test is issued five weeks after the test date.

Oral test: The oral test results are graded as “Pass”, “Fail” and “Happy Passing”. “Pass” refers to 500 points, while the “good pass” refers to 600 points. An accredited test certificate is sent to the candidate by the people’s university- Norwegian language test, two weeks later the test date.

Registration & Fees

 Register for written test online at

The fee varies from year to year and even location wise, i.e. in Norway it would be different while if taken abroad, the fee charged would be dissimilar. Check the official website for payment and other necessary details.

Contact Information

Contact Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo for any queries related to Test of Norwegian - advanced level ("Bergenstesten"):

Tel: 22 98 88 20
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