Student Visa and Insurance for International Students in Norway

If you plan to stay in Norway for more than three months or study in Norway, you need to apply for a student visa or a student residence permit. Visas in Norway are issued for stays up to 90 days.

Students from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden or Finland do not necessitate a student visa for Norway, and does not need to register with the constabulary. Students from countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) can also study in Norway for more than three months without applying for a student visa. All other students will need to apply for a student residence permit if they intend to study in Norway for more than three months.

You need to register with the police online, and then go in person to the closest police station and show the relevant documents that illustrates your basis for residence. You will need to show the following documents: your passport, admission letter from the educational institution, private health insurance or European health insurance card, and proof of funds, i.e. a personal declaration of sufficient funds to support yourself while you study in Norway. 

Student Visa: Applying and Essentials 

You must be admitted to a course of study at a university college or university for getting a student visa.
The students can apply online from within Norway or through a Norwegian embassy.  If applying through a Norwegian embassy, in that case, students will need to hand over a paper application form to their closest Norwegian embassy or consulate. Along with the application form, you must also provide your passport and other necessary documentation. Submit the following documents:
  • A completed application form
  • Fee Receipt 
  • A valid passport with a recent photograph
  • Evidence of admission to a full-time education course of study: Admission letter or Acceptance Letter
  • Proof of funding and supporting documents showing your financial stability
  • Evidence that you have someplace to live 
  • Evidence that you will leave Norway when your residence permit expires, normally in the form of a return ticket
Processing times for student residence permits vary. If your application is granted, you must then get a residence card – proof that you own the right to live in Norway. Similarly, you will get a letter that notifies you to visit the police to have your fingerprints and photo taken, after which you will be sent the residence card by mail service.
** A residence card is a plastic card in credit card format that demonstrates that you have been granted a permanent residence permit in Norway.

Benefit of Student Resident Permit or Student Visa

When you are granted a Norwegian student residence permit, you are likewise given a permit to work part-time up to 20 hours per week in addition to your studies and full-time during university vacations, at no additional charge. 

Health Insurance

In Norway, students are ensured a medical treatment of high standards. Norwegian labour and Welfare Service is the public agency that administers the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. Norwegian National Insurance Scheme covers the insurance of the students. Following are the eligibility conditions for claiming health services in Norway: 
Students from Nordic countries
Students from Nordic countries can be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme if they are registered in the National Population Register in Norway. Even if they are not the member of the scheme, they’re nevertheless entitled to health services under the National Insurance Act.
Students from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland
Students from EU/EEA countries must have health insurance coverage from their home country. They must bring the European Health Insurance Card or documentation of private health insurance while entering Norway.
Students from countries outside the European Economic Area
Students from outside EU/EEA countries can become members of the National Insurance Scheme.
  • Staying in Norway for more than 1 year: If the duration of your stay in Norway is more than one year you automatically are covered under the National Insurance Scheme when you register as a resident in Norway with the National Registry.
  • Staying in Norway between 3 and 12 months: If the duration of your stay in Norway is between 3 and 12 months you can apply for voluntary membership in the National Insurance Scheme. You should fill in a special form authorizing you to social security coverage with respect to health services in compliance with the National Insurance Scheme and sent it to the insurance office in the municipality in which you are staying.
Voluntary Membership in the National Insurance Scheme
Documents required when applying for National Insurance Scheme (non-EU/EEA citizens):
  • Letter of Admission
  • Passport
  • Residence permit card
  • Norwegian ID number

Planning Your Arrival: Pre-requisites 

 Once you have been accepted to study at an institution and have received confirmation of your student visa, the next step is to start planning for your arrival. Following are the essentials: 
  • Documents – You will need your acceptance letter which you have received from your institution, the letter of introduction from the visa office indicating your study permit details, a valid passport and other necessary documents, if any.
  • Flight details – Be mindful of the date and time of your flight. Carry your passport, visa and flight tickets. 
  • Contact details –Have the contact details of your embassy, accommodation and institution details. 
  • Norway currency – There are money exchange places available at Norway airports and in urban centers, but it is recommended to have some Norway currency to you prior to leaving your home country.
For latest guidelines see official website Study in Norway
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