Norway Embassies and Consulates worldwide

Norway Embassies are bilateral missions overseas. Norway Embassies promote Norway interests abroad. They also play an indispensable role in development, cultural affairs and communication with the media.  Norway Consulates are subordinate to the embassies. Their emphasis is on more specific activities. The activities of all Norway embassies and consulates are usually organized and coordinated from their Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Embassy Appointment - You need to first make an appointment before you visit the Embassy. You can fix an appointment through the Norway Embassy website wherein you will obtain information on appointments and opening hours.

List of Norway Embassies and Consulates worldwide


Algiers (Embassy)
Luanda (Embassy)
Cairo (Embassy)
Asmara (Embassy)
Addis Ababa (Embassy)
Accra (Embassy)
Nairobi (Embassy)
Antananarivo (Embassy)
Lilongwe (Embassy)
Bamako (Embassy)
Rabat (Embassy)
Maputo (Embassy)
Abuja (Embassy)
 South Africa
Pretoria (Embassy)
 South Sudan
Juba (Embassy)
Khartoum (Embassy)
Dar es Salaam (Embassy)
Kampala (Embassy)
Lusaka (Embassy)
Harare (Embassy)

Buenos Aires (Embassy)
Brasilia (Embassy)
Rio de Janeiro (Consulate-General)
Ottawa (Embassy)
Santiago (Embassy)
Bogota (Embassy)
Havana (Embassy)
Mexico City (Embassy)
 United States
Washington, D.C. (Embassy)
Houston (Consulate-General)
New York (Consulate-General)
San Francisco (Consulate-General)


Kabul (Embassy)
Baku (Embassy)
Dhaka (Embassy)
Beijing (Embassy)
Guangzhou (Consulate-General)
Shanghai (Consulate-General)
New Delhi (Embassy)
Mumbai (Consulate-General)
Jakarta (Embassy)
Tehran (Embassy)
Tel Aviv (Embassy)
Tokyo (Embassy)
Amman (Embassy)
Nur-Sultan (Embassy)
Beirut (Embassy)
Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
Yangon (Embassy)
Kathmandu (Embassy)
Islamabad (Embassy)
Ramallah (Representative Office)
Manila (Embassy)
 Saudi Arabia
Riyadh (Embassy)
Jeddah (Consulate-General)
Singapore (Embassy)
 South Korea
Seoul (Embassy)
 Sri Lanka
Colombo (Embassy)
Bangkok (Embassy)
Ankara (Embassy)
Istanbul (Consulate-General)
 United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi (Embassy)
Hanoi (Embassy)


Vienna (Embassy)
Brussels (Embassy)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo (Embassy)
Zagreb (Embassy)
 Czech Republic
Prague (Embassy)
Copenhagen (Embassy)
Tallinn (Embassy)
Helsinki (Embassy)
Paris (Embassy)
Berlin (Embassy)
Hamburg (Consulate-General)
Dusseldorf (Consulate)
Athens (Embassy)
Budapest (Embassy)
Reykjavik (Embassy)
Dublin (Embassy)
Rome (Embassy)
Pristina (Embassy)
Riga (Embassy)
Vilnius (Embassy)
The Hague (Embassy)
Rotterdam (Consulate-General)
Warsaw (Embassy)
Lisbon (Embassy)
Bucharest (Embassy)
Moscow (Embassy)
Saint Petersburg (Consulate-General)
Murmansk (Consulate)
Belgrade (Embassy)
Bratislava (Embassy)
Madrid (Embassy)
Barcelona (Consulate-General)
Alicante (Consulate)
Stockholm (Embassy)
Bern (Embassy)
Geneva (Consulate-General)
Zurich (Consulate-General)
Kiev (Embassy)
 United Kingdom
London (Embassy)


Canberra (Embassy)

Multilateral organizations
  • Brussels (Mission to the European Union)
  • Brussels (Permanent Delegation to NATO)
  • Geneva (Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other international organizations)
  • New York (Permanent Mission to the United Nations)
  • Paris (Permanent Missions to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and UNESCO)
  • Strasbourg (Mission to the Council of Europe)
  • Vienna (Permanent Mission to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
To get in touch with a Norwegian Foreign Mission near you click here.
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